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Back pain: what everyone needs to know

Back pain: what everyone needs to know

Back pain: what everyone needs to know

✔️ this is the problem of the 21st century (74% have a back pain)

✔️ most problems are from lack of activity

✔️ scoliosis cannot be ignored

✔️ getting rid of back pain is possible!!!

Back pain

Localized pain can be:

  • ⚙️ cervical-collar
  • ⚙️ lumbar
  • ⚙️ between shoulder blades

According to intensity, pain can be:

  • dull (just appeared, first felt)
  • sharp, can go to your arm or leg

If the pain is acute, ❌ DO PATIENCE❌ and see a doctor straight away. It is important to stop the problem developing at an early stage and not grow chronic for the rest of your life. If there is blunt pain:

  • do exercise every morning! There’s a reason they’ve been trying to sell us this habit since school.
  • the first aid for any pain is anti-oedema ointments (Dolobene, Troxevasin, Deep Relief etc)
  • office work? – Do not sit for more than 1.5-2 hours. Get up, stretch your back and continue working after 2 minutes.
  • LFC (therapeutic back exercise) for pain prevention – exercises on my page. Alot!

Where does the pain come from:

  • In practice, clients tolerate external problems for a long time, which then express themselves through psychosomatic and back pain ?️ Lots of work and monotonous posture
  • without warming up The condition of the spine depends directly on the thought flow of the person and how they know how to manage negative experiences. If this does not happen, clips form in the thoracic, cervical and lumbar spine

How Osteopathy works

  • – takes away the root cause of the problem
  • – removes the clamp
  • – changes the trophic (permeability) in the tissue
  • – stretches the fascia –
  • works with the physics so that there is no relapse

Always waiting for an appointment and ready to help if you have a back pain.