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Bekhterev’s disease of women and men.  Treatment and symptoms.

Bekhterev’s disease of women and men. Treatment and symptoms.

The most common complaint of patients who come to me for help is back pain. Most of them are diagnosed with osteochondrosis – a disease that has been a leader among spinal pathologies for many years. But there are those who faced another danger – Bekhterev’s disease. What is this disease? Why does it occur and how to overcome the disease? I – osteopath Dmitry from Kyiv – will answer all questions regarding this disease.

How to recognize Bekhterev’s disease?

The pathology has another, rather complicated medical name – ankylosing spondylitis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the intervertebral joints, which at first remains almost invisible. Over time, the situation changes. Parts of the joints begin to fuse, which leads to partial and then complete loss of spinal mobility. Symptoms of Bekhterev’s disease are
– pain in the lower back, which becomes stronger after rest;
– gradual development of joint stiffness;
– in the later stages there is a loss of appetite and weight, chronic stoop, etc.
Throughout the entire period of the disease, the patient’s condition is constantly changing. Periods of improvement of well-being are followed by deterioration. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease completely disappear, but this does not mean that it has receded.

Why does Bekhterev’s disease occur?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question, because in modern medicine the causes of the disease remain unknown. But not everything is so clear.
– This disease has its “favorites”. For example, it is known that Bekhterev’s disease in women is almost 3 times less common than in men.
– Genetic factors are of some importance. Approximately 20% of patients have close relatives suffering from Bekhterev’s disease.
– Recently, researchers have been studying the theory of the influence of certain types of infectious diseases on the development of pathology. Quite often it is associated with the transfer of intestinal or urogenital infections.
If we talk about age, then most often Bekhterev’s disease in women and men develops from the end of puberty to 40 years.

Bekhterev’s disease: clinical recommendations

– Diagnosis.
To make a diagnosis, the patient is prescribed an X-ray examination and a complete blood count. The first is necessary to detect changes in the condition of the joints, the second – to check the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.
Medication treatment
In the fight against the disease, doctors use a wide range of drugs. Among them are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, etc. But it should be understood that any therapy can not completely overcome the disease. It only temporarily improves the patient’s well-being and slows down the development of pathology.
– Physiotherapy
Official clinical guidelines for Bekhterev’s disease contain information about the rather high efficiency of physiotherapy. A more effective alternative to such procedures is the use of osteopathy techniques – craniosacral therapy and soft manual techniques.

What gives osteopathy and psychodynamics in Bekhterev’s disease?

– Relieves pain, improves mobility of the spine joints.
– Releases internal reserves of the body and helps to direct them to fight the disease.
– Improves the general condition of the patient.

An important stage in the correction of the patient’s condition in Bekhterev’s disease is to work with psychosomatics. It is known that one of the causes of any disease is stress, so I pay great attention to the fight against it. My patients receive help in overcoming anxiety, depression, unreasonable accusations of themselves. My task is not only to free the patient from psychosomatic problems that he already has, but also to help him adapt to them in the future, to protect a person from the external influences of modern life in war.
Another stage of my work is working with blood vessels, preventing edema and solving many other problems.

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