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Fix your humpback

Fix your humpback

The body is protecting you. That’s how the humpback appear. Surprised? I understand, but it’s really true. The humpback can and should be removed. Let’s break it down in detail?

Fix humpback

The source of the problem ? A wither is an outgrowth of connective tissue and fatty deposits. Why does the humpback appear? Here are 3 key reasons:

  • 1️⃣ Hyperlordosis of the neck (when the neck bulges forward). Surely you’re reading this post from your mobile phone? Now feel the position your neck is in. When we sit in a phone or tablet, the strain on the 7th vertebra increases significantly. The body realises it needs to strengthen this area. The withers grow.
  • 2️⃣ sedentary. No comment on this.
  • 3️⃣ Hernia / protrusion of the cervical spine. Again, the body supports your neck in every way possible. Interestingly, a neck ridge is also called a widow’s hump. In ancient times widows used to have such a hump. But in those days, widows used to become widowers much earlier – even after 40 years. Nowadays, the problem is much younger.

Consequences if not fix your humpback

  • – Mimicry and facial expression change as the skin and muscles tighten towards the withers
  • – Deterioration of tissue, in other words, metabolic processes in this area
  • – Compression of veins in the withers area, which can provoke headaches and reaction to weather
  • – Painful sensations in the fingers if a hernia or protrusion is the cause of the withers

Treatment to Fix humpback

Treatment of withers is based on 3 parts:

  • Osteopathy – muscle relaxation, work with fascia, improve trophism in tissues
  • massage (not helpful for hernia and protrusion) to activate metabolism
  • exercise to strengthen muscles and ligaments

The effect is seen already after 1-2 osteopathic treatment sessions. We start by finding the root cause and localising the problem (thoracic/lumbar spine or even intercostal arches).

I also start working with the swelling straight away. The swelling in the withers is immediately reduced by the stretched fascia. When the swelling goes down the vascular trophism will automatically improve and so the headaches will become easier or disappear.