Mitya Lobodin - osteopathy and psychosomatics Mitya Lobodin - osteopathy and psychosomatics
Osteopathic session. How it works?

Osteopathic session. How it works?

What happens in a session and how do I work?

This question worries many people, because osteopathy is an unfamiliar mechanism for helping and treating the body.

That’s why I describe an osteopathic session step by step:

✅ It is important to clearly articulate the request-problem. This is the first place where communication with the patient begins. I only start treatment when I see that I can help.

✅ From the very first minutes, I can see from experience where tensions arise in the client’s body and what we are going to work with.

✅ 70% of the time the patient is lying or sitting down, although there are different techniques

✅ I use osteopathic, soft manual, visceral and psychodynamic techniques. Among the lesser known: wizard machine, maracata, therapeutic tarot and many others.

⬇️ Let’s look at two groups of techniques: 1. Soft manual and 2. Psychodynamic techniques

Osteopathic session. How it works?

Mild manual techniques are used to treat bone structures: all kinds of injuries, back and joint pain, radiculitis, hernias, protrusion, arthritis, arthritis, bursitis, etc. Osteopathic session

Sequence of action:

1️⃣ I remove traumatic and typical intraosseous tension

2️⃣ I reconstruct the trauma

3️⃣ I correct intervertebral hernias and sciatica

4️⃣ for hernias and protrusions – correct functional and anatomical limb length

5️⃣ if necessary – correct foot and radial bone dysfunction, lumbodynia

6️⃣ add visceral techniques to avoid tension in the ligament apparatus

PSYCHOSOMATIC TECHNIQUES is a correction of psychosomatic connections that occur in 90% of people. Osteopathic session

Sequence of actions:

1️⃣ remove the urgency of the problem. Clients note that the internal dialogue stops and relaxation sets in

2️⃣ adjust the fluid dynamics of the visceral systems of the pelvis, abdomen and thorax

3️⃣ adjust the blood vessels throughout the body

4️⃣ working the brain vessels and trigeminal nerve

5️⃣ do light traction of the fasciae

6️⃣ give recommendations for home work to maintain the result of treatment

The main focus of osteopathy is the holistic approach. It is working through the body completely, after which the impact of dysfunction in one area on another organ is eliminated.

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