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Tired of pills

Tired of pills

This post is for those who are tired of sitting on pills for years and consider themselves chronically ill. Osteopathy is an effective alternative to classical medicine, and in most cases you can forget your problem forever.

? Classical medicine ? Doctors work with the fact of the problem that the patient voices. Testing is scheduled and tests are taken, usually just where the pain is. If the acute phase, medication is prescribed. This way the doctors “put out the fire”, the medications dull the nerve endings or even act as a placebo.

Treatment is done on a point-by-point basis. Whoever watched Dr. House remembers that he connected the stomach to the brain and the knees to the heart. I’m exaggerating, but the point is this: doctors rarely dig deep and get to the root cause of the problem.

?? Osteopathy ?? I find the cause of the symptom, not treat the symptom. This is the principle of the holistic approach – where work is done with the whole body. In addition, during an osteopathic session the internal reserves of the body are activated and they work to solve the problem the patient came to see me about. I’ve written in previous posts about how the work is done during an appointment, step by step.

In my 11 years of practice, I have encountered a variety of cases and tasks. I have had clients stop taking pills after working with me. I do not promise magic. At the session, we will identify the problem and work through the symptomatology. In addition, we will work out a scheme of supporting valeological actions, which will help to consolidate the result and exclude relapses.

I look forward to seeing you at your appointment!