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Psychosomatic of regret

Psychosomatic of regret

Regret, which often develops into guilt, arises for various reasons. The most common of them are: -bad luck, the situation was not in favor of the person -limitations, it is not possible to achieve the desired -fear of loss -a perfect mistake. Let’s take a closer look at what psychosomatic of regret is.

Psychosomatic of regret

3 strongest triggers of regret and guilt:

  • betrayal
  • departure from the life of a loved one
  • divorce (for women with children)

And globally – all situations that can be described as follows: we cannot influence the situation, and we do not like it.

What happens at the session? Psychosomatic of regret

-removing the urgency
-work on the pulmonary veins
-treatment of the spleen, stomach and pancreas
-normalization of tissue trophism
-psychocorrection is mandatory
-I invite you to work with children and parents

It takes at least 4-6 sessions (once a week) to work out feelings of guilt and regret. The head is looking for clues to return to this state. After all, it is easier to suffer, in a sense. I see that the topic of psychosomatics is very interesting to you. Let’s start from the beginning: how do people create illnesses for themselves… write?