Mitya Lobodin - osteopathy and psychosomatics Mitya Lobodin - osteopathy and psychosomatics
Psychosomatic reactions and how I clean up psychosomatic reactions

Psychosomatic reactions and how I clean up psychosomatic reactions

How psychosomatic reactions are formed and how I clean up psychosomatic reactions

What is psychosomatics?

The subconscious mind receives a signal from any sense organ (visual, tactile, olfactory, etc.) and the body starts to find a connection, which has already been built up, to this stimulus. The body gives a repetitive response to the stimulus: back pain, cramps, internal organ pain, headache and many others individually. A person may be unaware of the stimulus-response connection or associate it with another.


What I do?

I work with psychocorrection and biological alignment. In practice: I break the circuits and connect the reflexive arc with positive emotions. The person builds a new, more understandable connection. Because in the first case the subconscious mind is triggered and the connection can come from childhood or distant traumatic events and be completely incomprehensible. I ask the patient to remember an event that has really disturbed him. In the dialogue we identify the most relevant event and break the chains associated with the affliction. For work, I only need to know the last event that triggered the reaction, in order to dig deeper and get to the root event.

What’s in the feeling?

After the session the body relaxes, people feel weightless, the voice becomes more melodic and the breathing becomes deeper. The picture of the world and relationships with others changes, there is more energy and fullness. Through systematic and deep work with the brain the quality of life improves, not just a single issue. I would be happy to help you deal with your psychosomatic problem.