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Treatment of sciatica nerve impingement with an osteopath in Kyiv

Treatment of sciatica nerve impingement with an osteopath in Kyiv

Help of an osteopath in Kyiv in the treatment of sciatic nerve compression. Modern techniques, excellent results in diseases of any intensity.

It seems to me that almost every person has ever heard of sciatic nerve entrapment. But “hearing” does not mean “understanding”. That is why very often in cases when my patients experience severe leg pain, they do not even suspect that they are faced with this problem. Why does the disorder occur and what influences the development of this process? How to treat and can this disease be prevented? I will be happy to answer these and other questions.

What is “sciatic nerve entrapment” and causes of its occurrence

Let’s start with an interesting fact. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, which runs from the lower lumbar vertebrae to the popliteal fossa, where it divides into the peroneal and tibial nerves. This nerve is responsible for the function of walking, so if there are problems with the sciatic nerve, the patient begins to lose mobility. Interestingly, compression of only one small root of the sciatic nerve leads to deterioration of the entire organ. This provokes the appearance of a large-scale pain syndrome almost along its entire length.
Sciatic nerve entrapment occurs for various reasons. The main ones include:
– complications of osteochondrosis (protrusions, hernias, etc.)
– overload of the pelvic muscles, causing spasm of the pear-shaped muscle
– spinal injuries, scoliosis.

After 60 years, clamping occurs in patients with spinal canal stenosis. Having extensive experience as an osteopath in Kyiv, I can confidently say that the risk of sciatic nerve entrapment increases dramatically in patients with obesity and diabetes mellitus, as well as in people leading an inactive lifestyle. In addition, sciatic nerve inflammation can occur after hypothermia and as a result of some infectious diseases.

How to recognize a pinch?

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, the main symptom of inflammation is pain in the buttock with an echo in the leg. The intensity of the pain syndrome can be different, but it is almost always quite sharp. Some of my patients feel coldness in the limb and an unpleasant tingling sensation. With the development of inflammation, the pain becomes stronger, sometimes almost unbearable. At the same time, there is no swelling at the site of the pinch, which makes it difficult to diagnose without an MRI or CT scan.

How to treat and prevent sciatic nerve inflammation?

Unfortunately, you should not hope that the pinching will go away on its own. Without the help of a doctor, it will spread, become even more painful, and eventually cause serious complications. If you visit an osteopath in Kyiv in a timely manner, the problem will be solved quickly enough. The main aspects of sciatic nerve entrapment treatment are
– muscle relaxation through the use of craniosacral therapy and soft manual techniques;
– improvement of blood flow in the nerve endings;
– elimination of inflammatory processes.

The advantage of osteopathy in this case is the complex effect and improvement of the state of the whole organism. The tactics of treatment of sciatic nerve entrapment are developed by me individually, because each organism is unique, which means that it requires careful study and detailed study.