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Top 5 pains of my clients

Top 5 pains of my clients

Pain must be endured! I am shocked when I encounter this kind of belief? I hope you realize that it benefits everyone around you but you? You are convenient, weak, predictable, controllable and above all, miserable! Let`s take a look of Top 5 pains of my clients.

All the information in my profile revolves around the main idea: health is easier than it looks, it’s even fun and certainly doesn’t hurt at all! Health is ☘️ prevention ☘️ sleep and nutrition ☘️ moderate sports ☘️ psycho-emotional comfort

Who wants the same? I hope everyone does. And it is more than possible with a little effort. And osteopathy is always there to help?

I want to tell you about the top 5 most popular pains my clients come in with.

1️⃣ Problem: Lower back pain ✅ Solution: There can be many reasons that provoke lower back pain. I’m covering this topic in a series of posts right now, look for it in my feed. The treatment strategy consists of 3 steps: ridding the patient of the acute pain, medication (if necessary) and non-medication treatment – physical therapy, massage and other techniques.

2️⃣ Problem: Headache ✅ Solution: how an osteopath helps with migraine, I have already written. Look for the Migraine post and a video on how you can relieve the manifestation of headaches at IGTV. The approach to treatment should be systemic: first the acute pain is relieved, then the patient must work through the root cause of the problem with the doctor.

3️⃣ Problem: Knee joint pain ✅ Solution: I have both written and made videos about crunching and joint pain. My main point: a good warm-up and moderate exercise helps prevent this kind of pain. In a session I find the real root cause of knee pain and work with it in a comprehensive way: biological alignment, manual techniques, nutrition of the patient, and obligatory – physical therapy.

4️⃣ Problem: Stomach pain ✅ Solution: At the session we first remove anxiety, anger, irritation and low self-esteem. Then we use visceral techniques to put the organs in their place and if the cause of pain is compensation of the clamp in the spine, then work with it. There may be other individual causes of pain and treatment in this case is chosen accordingly.