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Treatment of scoliosis for children (6-15 years)

Treatment of scoliosis for children (6-15 years)

Although scoliosis is very often diagnosed in adults, the causes of this disease in many cases must be sought in childhood. Children and adolescents are the most vulnerable category for this pathology, so many of my patients who need treatment of scoliosis in children. I see both kids at preschool age and almost adult teenagers. During the consultation it often turns out that not only children but also parents need help. So the whole family becomes my patients. But back to the problems of childhood scoliosis.

How does scoliosis occur on children?

Most often scoliosis is diagnosed in primary school children. This is due to several factors. For example, it is known that kids must undergo an annual examination, and if diseases of internal organs are rarely found during such examinations, doctors have no problems with the diagnosis of scoliosis.

  • There are several causes of scoliosis in children.
  • Incorrect position of the child’s body while studying.
  • The child leads a sedentary lifestyle.
  • A small student is forced to carry a heavy briefcase over long distances, the design of which does not meet modern requirements.
  • Some diseases associated with a lack of vitamin D in the body.
  • Genetic factors, etc.

In addition to the above, we should not forget about purely physiological aspects. For example, the cause of scoliosis lies in the fact that the periods of 4-6 and 10-12 years are characterized by the intensification of child growth. But, unfortunately, only muscle tissue grows actively at this age. Bones and cartilage are formed much slower, which leads to deformation of the spine.

Recently, there is another theory of scoliosis, which has received official confirmation. Scientists have found that this disease is closely related to the psycho-emotional state of the child. Treatment of scoliosis in children in the early stages is very important.

Treatment of scoliosis

How are scoliosis treatment and child’s psyche related?

It is only we, adults, used to consider childhood a carefree time. In fact, the imperfect child’s psyche is exposed to crushing blows every day. Anything can negatively affect it – a strict teacher, under the pressure of which the child closes as if in a shell, domestic tyrants, which can be not only mom or dad, but also sister, brother, grandparents and even a neighbor at school. The burden of experiences puts pressure on the child not only psychologically but also physically. The baby begins to slouch, as if hiding from the environment, and here you need comprehensive assistance of an osteopath in Kyiv Dmitry Lobodin.

Psychosomatics of scoliosis

The task of psychosomatics is to determine the source of stress and deal with it, so the osteopath in this case acts as a kind of psychologist. Without medication and physical influence, I carefully find out what the child is afraid of, what complicates his life and does not make him feel happy. After that, we proceed to psychocorrection, which consists in the formation of the necessary qualities to combat stress.

Osteopathy for children`s scoliosis

Of course, it will not be possible to do with psychosomatics alone in the treatment of scoliosis. The patient’s back must be unloaded and released from tension. To do this, I use a wide range of techniques, many of which are used in traditional medicine. In parallel with the muscles, the internal organs of the respiratory, vascular and other systems of the child are also affected.

And finally, I want to appeal to all parents. Do not delay the diagnosis of scoliosis in your children. Remember that without treatment the disease will progress and eventually make your child unhappy. Successful treatment of scoliosis for children is very important.