Lower back pain treatment in Kyiv

Such a problem as low back pain may seem insignificant, because it usually goes away on its own. But several weeks or even months pass, and the unpleasant symptom reappears. This significantly reduces the quality of life, prompting the patient to find ways to cope with the pain and return to normal life. Do not be misled – the problem will not disappear without the help of a doctor. Over time, the pain will become more severe and psychological disorders will gradually join the physical problems. So, if you have lower back pain, do not hesitate and seek quality care from an osteopath.

Lower back pain

Why does the lower back hurt in women and men

According to research, aching low back pain most often occurs in patients over 30 years of age. During this period, there is almost no difference in the number of cases of the syndrome between men and women. Later, the percentage of patients among women gradually increases. Older women suffer from pain in the lumbar spine more often than men. The main reason is the development of such a disease as osteoporosis in the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. In modern medicine, there are three groups of low back pain.

– Neuropathic

It is usually caused by compression of a spinal root or peripheral nerve. It occurs in the presence of diseases such as intervertebral disc protrusions, the form,,,..,<>ation of osteophytes (pathological growths) in the lumbar spine, etc.

– Pain caused by specific diseasesd

Such pathologies are most often caused by infectious and allergic joint disorders. Among men, Bekhterev’s disease is quite common. Regardless of gender, pathologies such as rheumatoid arthritis and compression fractures occur.

– Nonspecific

According to doctors, a significant number of patients experience nonspecific pain. They can develop both in the lumbar muscles and in the skeleton. There are several reasons for their occurrence. The most common are dysfunction of the intervertebral joints, sprains of the spine, muscle tension, etc.

Why you should not relieve low back pain with pills

The majority of patients answer the question “How to relieve low back pain?” unequivocally – to take a painkiller. As an osteopath with many years of experience in treating such diseases, I can say that this will not solve the problem, but will only mask it. You can take pills only on the recommendation of a doctor who will determine the pain therapy based on the patient’s diagnostic data. If the intensity of the pain is insignificant, osteopathic techniques will help relieve it. Severe pain must be eliminated with the help of medications, after which osteopathic procedures are possible.

Treatment of low back pain

Treatment by any specialist begins with diagnostics. An osteopath is no exception in this matter. His task is to search for somatic dysfunctions, for which the doctor examines the lumbar spine with the help of visual examination and gentle pressure. An experienced specialist will detect the smallest violations in the location of the vertebrae, the presence of areas with pathological tension, etc. The next stage is treatment. It is carried out using many techniques:
– craniosacral therapy
– centering;
– soft manual technique.
The advantage of osteopathy is the combination of comfort and effectiveness of treatment. The patient does not experience fear and tension, because none of the manipulations causes an increase in pain. During treatment, the osteopath affects not only the lumbar spine, but also the entire body, because only an integrated approach helps to eliminate the cause, not the consequence of diseases.

Lower back pain

Make an appointment with an osteopath in Kyiv

You can get a consultation and undergo a course of treatment of low back pain in Kyiv in Obolon district by contacting a specialist with many years of experience – Dmitry Lobodin. Prices for treatment are as affordable as possible. Make an appointment online on the doctor’s website.

What can cause pain in the lower back?

In 90% of cases, muscles or vertebrae hurt in the lumbar region. In addition, such symptoms can be caused by diseased kidneys, intestines, and genitourinary system organs.

Why does my lower back hurt and pull my leg?

Most often, this indicates damage or compression of the nerve roots, which occurs as a result of spinal pathologies or injuries.

What kind of pain is there?

The intensity of pain can be acute or aching. From a medical point of view, it is divided into local, radiating and reflective.

Why does the lumbar spine hurt?

Low back pain can be a manifestation of osteochondrosis, sciatica, Bechterev's disease, protrusions, etc. In women, pain is often caused by gynecological diseases.